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The Climate Change story in one image

The online climate change debate is an exhausting place to navigate: From doomsday-preppers to conservative-ostriches all fighting for a few seconds of attention. Here is my contribution to global warming today: The climate change story in one image In this post I thought I'd just look at the power of data visualisation in telling the story about global warming, or trying to obfuscate that story with exactly the same data. I made the above chart using the same dataset as the below chart which is a visualisation of global temperature data often linked to by skeptics . These charts are created from the exact same published data set called UAH LT v6 (See bottom of post for additional details). Raw data:   In the context of the climate change skeptic viewpoint I have often seen this chart used to flag that 2016 is within statistical margin of error no warmer than 1998 and that December 2016 was cold and thus