Nokia firmly leads the pack by Bluetooth numbers

This table shows the top 20 manufactures of 5153 unique bluetooth devices spotted in Oslo, Norway between 11. November 2010 and 12. January 2011.

Device manufacturer Count
Nokia Danmark 1811
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications 888
Nokia Corporation 638
Apple 282
Samsung Electronics Co 241
Samsung Electronics 160
Texas Instruments 114
Hon Hai Precision Ind Co 82
Infineon 80
Private 78
Lg Electronics 75
Tomtom 67
Novero 65
Usi 61
Parrot Sa 39
Continental Automotive Systems 35
Motorola 29
Liteon Technology Corporation 25
Apple Computer 19
Alps Electric Co 18

I am grabbing the information from nearby devices on my daily commute to work, which results in an average of 150 unique devices. The data was gathered infrequently, mostly on weekdays.

PS. I'll get back to you shortly (this year) with a more interesting "tool" related to bluetooth!


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