Viser innlegg fra februar, 2010

My familiar strangers this morning

I have been experimenting with data logging on Pachube and the concept of the "familiar stranger" (people you coincidentally create social networks with due to same habits or routines). I believe there is a big potential for interesting analytical use of the data. This morning I logged my surroundings going from home to work. The thumbnails show two graphs, one for new strangers (top)  and one for familiar strangers (bottom). In this case "familiar" is concidered to be people that have been around for more than one minute. Overlaying the two graphs I'll try to explain what caused the fluctuations in the data. Vertical lines are five minutes apart, blue is for strangers and red is for familiar strangers. Leaving kindergarden and walking towards subway stop. I was alone. Approaching the station, buying a coffee at the subway station and a seven minute wait at station. People come and go and on the platform, but there are a few people waiting with me. En

Pachube and mobile.processing

I wanted to use my mobile phone (SE C702) as a reality mining platform. Primarily I want to do something with Bluetooth Device data and Geolocation. As my main affiliation with code so far has been through the various environments I wanted to use to gather and share data through my phone. To make a long story short: I posted the code needed to upload data formatted as EEML to Pachube from a mobile.processing sketch in their soon vacant forum... About Pachube is a site that promise to enable "The Internet of things". You are encouraged to Store Share & Discover realtime data from a variety of sources. Mobile Processing is a branch of that creates Midlets of your sketches. As J2ME seems to be left behind due to more popular environments like iPhone, Android and soon to be Windows 7 Mobile the development of Mobile Processing is halted, but still functional.

Connection Proxy on Windows 7 x64

This is how I got the Connection Proxy from the Sony Ericsson Java ME SDK to work on Windows 7 64-bit version: Install your phones PC Suite to get all phone networking drivers Get & Install 32-bit JDK Get & Install semc_java_me_cldc_sdk.2-5-0-5.exe (Place it in default location C:\) Get the eclipse SDK for win 64 as we need one file from this zip. Get RXTX library as we need additional files from this zip. Find "org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86_64_3.5.1.v3555a.jar" in eclipse SDK & place it in the folder "C:\SonyEricsson\JavaME_SDK_CLDC\OnDeviceDebug\lib\devexp\plugins" Edit "connectionproxy.cmd" so that "org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86_3.4.0.v3448f.jar" becomes "org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86_64_3.5.1.v3555a.jar". Find "RXTXcomm.jar" in the rxtx package & place it in the "C:\SonyEricsson\JavaME_SDK_CLDC\OnDeviceDebug\bin" folder Place "rxtxSerial.dll" in the "C:\SonyEricsson\Java