Interfacing my home grid


Tinkering a bit more with my home grid I wrote about yesterday I found the mobile interface to the new PV node valuable. By either navigating to the device or just touching the socket in which it is plugged, my NFC phone opens the device GUI. It gives the current panel output as Watts in real time. I immediately found it necessary to adjust the angle of my panel to see if it captured any more energy, but it was obviously too cloudy to make any difference. I am, however, pleased to see that the panel is infact producing quite a bit, even when it is overcast. I'll be checking the prognosis more frequently with this tool in my hands.


  1. Knut Have you talked to Video camcorder manufacturers eg SONY or accessory suppliers about LiIon solar battery chargers? The pro/ domestic batteries are getting similar in size and usage increasing for Video Diaries, etc. Very useful to top up spare batteries, especially away from mains and cold climates.

    Chris Phillips


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