Jäppling IKEA PV Solar flashlight

Originally uploaded by etunKo
I just bought this solar charged (7 hrs charge = 5,5 hrs use) flashlight from IKEA. The first impression is an rather inelegant flashlight, but it is intended to stand on its metal support. The main body feels very rugged and is quite heavy. No squeaking parts. The metal support however snaps off its pivot hinges without any help. The on/off button have a surprisingly good feel to it. It is now standing in my window, side by side with the Sun Jar (Picture coming up). See all pictures tagged Jäppling


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  2. Virker denne dingsen etter hensikten da ?

  3. hi, i just get 1 today from ikea furoset. very interesting

  4. I just lost mine ! I loved it so much....

  5. really nice gadget, but it's too bad that this kind of gadget wasn't sold yet in my country.
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