Sustainable power is unsustainable

A recent article on sheds some light upon an issue with renewable energy. Various technological innovations are regulary presented as magic bullets that will change our energy production. The article by Colin Barras explain how quite a few rare and non renewable resources are part of this technology and if adapted at a large scale the technology could actually deplete some reseources quite fast. Indium and Platinum are used as examples in this case.

After doing quite a bit of research on the technology and politics there is not that many places one does find critique of this field, though size of installations in nature is a common debate. I have mentioned it in previous articles on this blog, that critique of both old and new paradigms within any field of work are extremly important to innovation. Innovations in renewable energy are often hyped like magic bullets. The result is a Sci-Fi impression of a white and sustainable future. But again, as the article touch upon, the technology itself might not be sustainable at a larger scale.


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