Interviews and concept development

Going through my notebook i've started to weed out some concepts. As of now they are rather unorganized, but they range from rather technical to "design for discussion" projects. I'll detail them shortly.
I will shortly arrange a workshop to elaborate more on the concepts. A goal here should be to focus the concepts into maximum three directions.

I'm also going through a round of interviews with families with different backgrounds. They are not complete or written in a useful format yet, but they are available from my skydrive here:

What have i learnt?
Based on just the three first interviews it is clear that knowledge and experience with renewable energy is very varied amongst the subjects. The different backgrounds leads to different motivation that have a big impact on their thoughts regarding renewable energy. In daily life unplugging leads and switching off lights seems to be a common trait. Again, the focus on lighting as an environmental culprit is a bit strange in regard of its low percentage of domestic electricity end usage.


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