Introducing concepts

The current paradigm of electricity in norway imitates a cornucopia. The only variable to energy supply (in form of electricity) is the price. As a consequence the only concern i might have regarding the electricity, is the bill. What if we flipped the coin? What if the price was fixed, but supply was limited? Arguably global energy supply is not unlimited, although growing, so is demand.

At a local scale i will explore how a limited resource can be shared in a P2P fashion by augmenting it with local production of energy. The goal is to uncover useful concepts that will challenge existing paradigms in energy supply. 1. The green appartment are producing more energy than needed, while the red appartment has a deficit.2. The green appartment shares its surplus with the red appartment.3. At any given moment there are appartments producing, recieving and some that are neutral in this system. How does this impact the daily life of the families living in this appartment block? How can this be done in such a manner that it feels just?


  1. smack! you are on to something! Imagine the effect this can have on archtiecture. I really like the simple visualistaion, looks great!

  2. Definitely something to consider here. It seems that your final question of, "how can this be just?" refers to the principle that energy-conscious tenants shouldn't pay for others overuse of resources. Is this not an injustice we deal with currently? Provided that all customers pay a flat rate for energy, this system seems as rational as any other.


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