Bits of the internet

While sifting through the net some items was caught:

Robots living in Urban Trash (Art)

ppndr-s (pepenadores) from Scott Burnham on Vimeo.

Tracking powerplant emissions in realtime. With a laser. (Augmented Reality)

Nuage Vert, cloud only from HeHe on Vimeo.

Just some beautiful inaugural balls. Imagine an interface made like this. (Animation)

Nokia E71 launch / 6 Billion People, 6 Billion Colours from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

This video (explanation) confirms my suspisions; that the Japanese are not of this world and would rather not step (full story)on it. More sexy projects on this translated page from Robot watch. My robotic nerves was stimulated and further enticing would give me an appetite for a workshop in robotic senses - taste at Miraikan.

These french guys seems to augment reality in a clever way.

Their showreel here, beware of the kitch .. more nice reflections here and here.


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