Viser innlegg fra januar, 2009

Introducing concepts

The current paradigm of electricity in norway imitates a cornucopia . The only variable to energy supply (in form of electricity) is the price. As a consequence the only concern i might have regarding the electricity, is the bill. What if we flipped the coin? What if the price was fixed, but supply was limited? Arguably global energy supply is not unlimited, although growing, so is demand . At a local scale i will explore how a limited resource can be shared in a P2P fashion by augmenting it with local production of energy. The goal is to uncover useful concepts that will challenge existing paradigms in energy supply. 1. The green appartment are producing more energy than needed, while the red appartment has a deficit. 2. The green appartment shares its surplus with the red appartment. 3. At any given moment there are appartments producing, recieving and some that are neutral in this system. How does this impact the daily life of the families living in this appartment block? How can

Bits of the internet

While sifting through the net some items was caught: Robots living in Urban Trash (Art) ppndr-s (pepenadores) from Scott Burnham on Vimeo . Tracking powerplant emissions in realtime. With a laser. (Augmented Reality) Nuage Vert, cloud only from HeHe on Vimeo . Just some beautiful inaugural balls . Imagine an interface made like this. (Animation) Nokia E71 launch / 6 Billion People, 6 Billion Colours from Universal Everything on Vimeo . This video ( explanation ) confirms my suspisions; that the Japanese are not of this world and would rather not step ( full story )on it. More sexy projects on this translated page from Robot watch . My robotic nerves was stimulated and further enticing would give me an appetite for a workshop in robotic senses - taste at Miraikan . These french guys seems to augment reality in a clever way. Their showreel here , beware of the kitch .. more nice reflections here and here .

Observations through "green" keywords

Working on my project "Untapped Energy" i try to observe projects and concepts related to Renewable Energy @ home from my perspective as a designer. Initial searches A search for "Renewable energy" @ flickr @ google images @ youtube @ vimeo returns a visual overview of the more popular aspects of renewable energy. Wind and solar power references are abundant. Some ideologists presents their home systems, but they seem bulky and expensive, usually installed at homes or cabins with generous resources. Some goverment and commercial interest are also represented. Keywords There is a lot of projects that are tagged with various "green" keywords. " Echotech " " Greentech " " Green design " " Eco design " " Sustainable Design " " Green gadgets ". These words generate a lot of noise and double hits. And they seem to often describe something made of wood or some technology wrapped in wood or veneer

Going off-grid?

Just before christmas i read an interesting article in NewScientist , by Gaia Vince on people going off the grid. Off-grid is in this context disconnecting from the various public supplies people depend on for their daily life at home: Electricity, gas, sewage and water. In the US there are 200000 off the grid, in the UK there are 40000 living mostly self-sufficient. Even though the climate issue is a driving force for people going off the grid there is also the satisfaction of being self-sufficient, reducing the cost and the security in being independent. And in Tony Marmont's (UK) case, who has invested £2 million in being self-sufficient, price is no object when becoming one of the first to own his own hydrogen production facilities to store renewable enrgy for future use. At this point in time the marmont case is a good example of why not all of us is becoming our own energy producers; it's expensive and requiers a lot of equipment. Gaia presents the reader with a list of

2009 - Zen

2008 The semester was concluded with and exhibition and presentation the week before christmas.I finished on time, even with some minutes to spare. The semester became really busy after my son was born in october and a side project became the main project up to the last two remaining weeks of the semester. 2009 The final semester at AHO is in progress and my studies will be terminated this spring. All other projects will be kept on hold during the diploma process and i will use this blog to infrom my tutors and anyone interested in the development of the research. All my focus will be on two things; working seriously with the diploma and taking care of the kid. By the 14th of may i will have completed the diploma and can start working after the summer, in one way or another. Note to self; Godspeed!