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Things That Talk

Pre- Diploma Program by Knut Karlsen November 2008 Subject to change until january 16th Abstract The diploma will research and explore design opportunities related to energy awareness in the context of the family home. Concepts related to local production and conservation of energy will be investigated. Keywords Energy, Distributed Energy Production/Conservation, Use Qualities, Home, Family, Everyday Life, Physical Computing, Mobile Technology, Communication, Design Research, Lightness. Introduction The modern world as of today consumes resources at a pace not sustainable in the future. “Earth 3.0” has been launched as a term for a situation where we keep the prosperity of the industrial revolution (Earth 2.0, i.e. today) and return to a sustainability of the earth before modern times (Earth 1.0) (Rennie, 2008). By using design methodologies and looking into our closest environment, the home and family, I will try to find and create opportunities that can impact behavior concerning ene