Prototypes finished - Call for participants!

Finally, my prototypes are ready.

The reasone behind making four units is to test Bagheera in a real context. So on Wednesday i need some help (10-20 minutes preparation and 1-2 hours of testing while you do your regular stuff).4x Prototypes In my project i have aimed at at real test of the interactions in a working system. I know it is little time left and people are stressed, but this is the last mile and hopefully some important lessons are to be learned.

I need three testers (Gunnar has signed) with Bluetooth phones that are relatively new (Sony Ericsson and Nokia seems to work best). I'll talk to any that are interested in participating at school up front. Everybody can participate if they want to watch whats happening by downloading my software to their phone, but they will not be able to upload "touches" to the system, only recieve.Storage Container

I will take pictures and maybe some video to document, and i'm interested in your feedback at the end. But we'll sort that out while doing it.

The units are packed and ready for testing!


  1. Hi Knut,

    is there a detailed description of the circuit used for your Bluetooth/RFID device? I work on a creative commons licensed swim lap counter ( in need of a similar device.

    tamberg (amberg at oberon dot ch)


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