Experience Hooks

The workshop we had with Jack Schulze & Matt Webb was three good days of intense work. It was all about cutting all excess fat and presenting our project as if it was completed already ("Evidencing"). This seems to be their core strength as earlier described.

Workshop presentation
The presentation is based on what they call Experience Hooks which i could try to define as: "The experiences the user tells friends about after interacting with the artifact". So what i tried to do was presenting how i interacted with the buying, unboxing, reading the manual, working the tags of the Bagheera service.

I'm using Slideshare for the first time and i could not upload my pptx, but had to convert to pdf. So i lost some of the detailing and animations i guess, but i'll try to update later with a better one.

It was really refreshing to avoid working with the technical details and infrastructure and just focus on the experience. While working on it i thought i would miss my target completly, but the feedback from Jack Schulze was encouraging, as it made him understand the concept and got more curious towards it. So i learned that if the Experience Hooks are well communicated they serve as a really good way to present projects. As Matt said,
"Be rigourous in idea communication, then build the models and prototypes ontop of that and snap everything into the presentation at the end"

Making a career
A lot of buzz is generated by people making ideas look real and post them online. Jack Schulze spots a trend in interaction design of people making careers out of imaginary products that are presented using exciting Experience Hooks and well communicated ideas.
"Make the project really easy to communicate over the web. Short, simple and sweet so people will remember it, then you get the job."
It is better to be sucked into work by people that have noticed your projects rather than doing the rounds with your portfolio.


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