It's a discourse!

Lecture by Jack Schultze & Matt Webb

We got an introduction to who they are and what they do. Near future projects that has a strong focus on accsessibility and availability is their thing. One example of this is the, Olinda Radio for BBC. Their contribution to this project was to generate a document that describes functions of a new radio.
"Olinda is a prototye DAB radio that shares listening with friends, is customisable with modular hardware, and aims to provoke discussion on the future and design of radios for the Home."
Describing realworld projects
It seems like their strong point and our lesson lies in describing projects. I would say that evidencing the qualities in the product that are about to be developed is what we will look into in this workshop. In "Growing Meat", a future speculation and discussion project, the important part was how to model the project in an understandable and easy to understand way. This was achieved by napkin charts and models.

Experience hooks
An experienc hook can be: Discovery, Being wished for (wanted), Selection, Purchase, being show off, discussion, review, re-sale. Apple is really good at exploiting the hooks they offer through their design. Unboxing is a growing awareness with manufacturers. Companies are more successful when tapping into the buzz around the experience of unboxing and similar "hooks" rather than pure tech specs.

As far as i did understand the goal for my part in this wShop was to describe my project visually and in written form as precisely as i can. Matt told me to leave no room for hidden potential, but bring it all out. Which will be really good for me, but then really hard to. Also i'm in a bit of time squeeze (300408@0900 - 300408@0155= 7,05h left) this time. but let's see where i end up.


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