The Hundredth note!

For less than one year ago i had never touched a blog, but it seems to be a nice way to document what i do at school.

mobile processing 0007
For those of you interested, mobile processing was updated to 0007 not so long ago to be more in sync with processing 0135. It is good to see the IDE evolve, but it still have some way to go to achieve the ease of use we are accustomed to with processing-0135.

Geocoded content has a great article on location based services.
A wave of geo innovation is under way and it has the potential to connect local populations and to communicate news and ideas from every corner of the planet. If the World Wide Web has lured people away from their own neighbourhoods, then geo is the technology that will bring it back.
it is an optimistic article, but i think it describes and defines the field of geocoding as it is today. Toghether with methods and examples you can virtually start making your own adaptions and services.

I should have announced this a bit louder, but i have started an AHO Interaction Design Channel at Vimeo ( Please sign up and upload your evidencing and other documentation and presentations!

I am doing experiments with the mobile interfaces of my Bagheera system. I will upload a working iteration of it soon, but while you wait: please enjoy an early image processing dude with a nice hat:


  1. And have a look at this: seems relevant to your project, and also read the article:


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