First interface: Bagheera 01

This is really cool! By using Mobile Processing's export functions i can actually emulate the applications online in a blog post! The process is almost straight forward. I just have to cut and paste from the resulting html page that is generated when exporting from mobile processing.

The applet is in it's very first iteration, just able to display "touches" randomly generated with touches on the keypad. You can even download the aplication (jar file) from the links below the emulation and try it on your phone! This is just the "Hello World" so don't take it as a proposal to finished product. Next version will look closer to what i want for the first real iteration of the interface.

To view this content, you need to install Java from

--> I've commented out the embedded application for now, i'll make a separate webpage for it later

Source code: Bagheera_01 touchClass

JAD/JAR files: Bagheera_01.jad / Bagheera_01.jar

Built with Mobile Processing

Running in MicroEmulator


  1. Looking good already! Your concept seems so much more graspable when you have material to look at! inspiring...


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