A few pixels short

Wanted images
Last night, while working on my presentation for the Jack & Matt workshop on experience hooks, i discovered that i was a few images short. I knew they should have been on my K610i's memory card. I really needed those images! I've always known that there is programs that recover deleted files, but i've never had any use for them until now.

The Dog
A google search reveals a number of similar sounding shareware/freeware/cheap programs. So which one should I use? I downloaded one promising solution, but it failed to start due to some missing gif89.dll issue. The second one, and the one i would recommend is the one from "Zero Assumption Recovery". I installed "ZAR 8.3" and i was a bit sceptical as free software often comes with a package (addons, spies etc.), and indeed it has some functions that are not free. But the ones i needed actually was free.

My phone has a 2GB card and even though it is easy to recover the images (hook phone to computer, select disk/card and go) it took me approx.2 hrs to get it to scan the whole card through the phones usb interface and recover the images. I got the images i wanted back from the phone although some other pictures was mashed up like the one on the right. Some addtitional videos was also lost. I felt i just had to blog this because it was really helpful for me when i was stuck last night and the deadline was closing in.


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