Task 02 - Making RFID Work

"Cuba Libre"

We have started our RFID journey with the cube as our first RFID enabled interface.

On each of the six sides it has one RFID tag. Those tags enables us to identify witch side of the cube that is the closest to the reader and therefor its orientation. This will later be exploited as a navigational tool for a "cubistic" game.

From our testing we have confirmed that the technical part works fairly well. The cube can be held at a short distance (3-6 cm) away from the reader and still pick up the right tag. Also spinning it quite fast, with 1-2 sides per second, works well.

Our goal for the week is to test how it feels to move a virtual avatar with our physical cube. So the challenge, and our focus, lies with the feel of connection between the physical move and the virtual onscreen move and feedback. That will be researched with various tangible iterations of the cube (weight, size, softness and material) and development of the game play, graphics and possibly sound.


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