by Jørn Knutsen

The picnic conference had a social network containing all the participants where all members also had physical rfid chips, the task was to build something that used this network and the rfid chips.

The idea behind the project was to make something that took pictures.

The project they made was "photobooth" that take pictures and loads them to various networks. The machine knows the name of those in the pictures by their rfid tags. The people you where with in the pictures are added to your contactlist as friends in the picnic network.

The booth was programmed in processing and several scripts (phyton for rfid reading ++) on up to five different machines, too complicated to be replicated later.

The screen inside the machine shows the flickr badges from the photo stream.

The photobooth was quite successful because it was placed in an area where

Comment by Jørn: The people did not care too much about using their rfid tag to get identified by the machine. The main attraction was the photobooth function it seems.

A key factor to the popularity of this is the lack of awkwardness in the use.



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