by Annelise Bothner-By, design and content group leader at Expology

Their work is mainly focused on Experience- and Identity/Brand- exhibitions.

Learning lab concept:
30 people participate in a 2 hour role playing game to learn about a theme. They have made these games for several customers such as: Aftenposten (newspaper), Coca- Cola and "Folketinget" (danish parliament). The role playing game has a physical installation that arrange the role play using sound, pda's, input and output devices to make the experience as complete as possible. She insists that the technology used is just the tool to set the rpg into play. The storyline and how it does the job through all aspects of the experience is their core asset. But since they also control the whole process, from hardware to software and through to the storytelling, design and implementation, they have the possibility to make complete projects.

Experience exhibitions
Annelise wants us to remember that this is social events. What state of mind are people in when they contact your installation? I would say that it is important to look at the context in any work you do as a designer, but maybe even more so in an installation.

http://www.expology.no/ - the physical and design end of installation


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