Week 42: Storytelling - Lectures

Introduction by Baard Enoksen
Teacher at NKF. Background in Film and TV.

People wanting to work with storytelling are a diverse group (Movies, Advertisement, Motiongraphics ..).

A way of using storytelling is to make people rembemeber routines. Just listing tasks on a sheet is a waste. The use of storytelling can put some drama and imagination into really boring stuff and make it easier to remeber.

In learning history the use of RPG like games has been tried to let people live like "Samer" to learn the history and their traditional way of life. But the pitfall is the expectations the kids would have coming into the game with experience from games like "World of Warcraft". And the authenticity is important to keep so that the "Samene" can feel at home as well. The game is called Siida. As for storytelling it is a struggel to keep people in the story when people can do what they want to. It is solved buy using the facts form history and their way of life to restrict the freedom of the user. (Need food, need shelter, need for social life etc.)

An interactive crime story ("Mordkommisjonen")
He wrote a basic story that felt boring, but adding some graphics, interactive ways of advancing the story, it became alive.

Our goal for this week is "Practical Storytelling". Solving storytelling problems. Can all of us tell a story? Everyone has read stories form childhood, we know the language very vell. But can that be converted to storytelling in practice? Most of us are not used to tell or write stories.

The language of Film is the dominant language of storytelling in our days. It is used in news, film, tv, books, games etc. And that restricts, at least the mainstream, productions to this language. My question is then, what are other ways of storytelling? Do they have names? How are they structured? I realize i want to learn more!

The focus for this week: Perception, Character and storyline.

Next week we will start working on idents for NRK3.


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