Week 42: Storytelling - Lectures 2

Lecture by:Knut Sverre and Karl Petter Knutsen, Virtual garden

Interaktiv film
Going from passive viewing to active interaction on the internet. The user crave for participation. (Do they?).

The history of IA Film goes back to ealry 1900 with show of hands to change the end of a movie. Thecnology has made interactive film possible today, but even as late as 2001 real interactivity in film was not possible (or not easy at least).

Classic storytelling comapred to interactive storytelling. A training as a classic direcor has huge advantages when doing interactive projects, compared to non trained interactive producers. Then one have the knowledge to shape the story so it fits the message and the audience. And it's important to convey the story in a interesting and entertaining way so the users keep watching. To engage people the only valid and effective method is to use emotions. That point is exemplified by how religions are using effects (incence, warm light, music etc.) to make people more likely to believe.

Ways of interactive storytelling:
Parallel - Same story with choice of camera angles.
Mutlipath - The story varies and evolve by users choices.
Multimodal - Virtual garden are working his way. The same story goes through a varity of medias.
Topographics - The sotries are not connected, but the user can choose where to watch.
Algorithmic - WoW etc. User input varies the output to each user.
"Nodal" - The most interactive model. User freedom is percieved, not actual total freedom.

"Nodal" storytelling: "Sette grenser":
How to dramatize 10Gb of research on youth and alcohol. Using Characters, storyline and script the story and research are presented to the public. The story is told by multiple choices, but even 3 choices at each junction will give 81 possible stories in 4 steps. So the breakdown of the story is important. The soloution is to make answers to the users quiestions, but tie it together with one main storyline that is common for all possible storylines. So each story answer is followed up by the common movie. Actually the story seems to work quite well, sadly the public version is down right now (mabe it is on www.screenplay.no/develop/alko_demo/).

i can't seem to see the different between this and a mashup of multipath and parallel storytelling, but they call it "nodal".

Examples of interactive film:
saab - "move your mind" campaign.
www.freia.no ("Jeg fant jeg fant" kampanjen) - It's very well visited. 2500 users each day and even people playing 1-2 hours every day.


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