NRK 3 Student project

Introduced by Cecilie Lyng, Visual brand manager, NRK

This week we will make a 8 second movie to identify the NRK 3 brand (Idents). If the Idents are of good enough quality some might be acquired by NRK and broadcasted on NRK3. The demography of NRK 3 is 15-40.

"Usett/Urørt/Du" - Guidelines for the NRK 3 content.
  • Free ideas
  • Unsencored
  • Keyword: An Open mind and accept.


  • Humor
  • Thoughtprovoking
  • Poetic
  • Raw
  • Now
  • I've been there, I'mgoing there, I'm there.

Deliver in 16:9 (1024x576).

Links: (MTV idents)


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