Viser innlegg fra oktober, 2007

Just frying an egg

NRK 3 Student project

Introduced by Cecilie Lyng, Visual brand manager, NRK This week we will make a 8 second movie to identify the NRK 3 brand (Idents). If the Idents are of good enough quality some might be acquired by NRK and broadcasted on NRK3. The demography of NRK 3 is 15-40. "Usett/Urørt/Du" - Guidelines for the NRK 3 content. Free ideas Unsencored Keyword: An Open mind and accept. Values: Humor Thoughtprovoking Poetic Raw Now I've been there, I'mgoing there, I'm there. Deliver in 16:9 (1024x576). Links: (MTV idents)

gramazio & kohler

Bilde Guest lecture at AHO - presenting works (My comments in brackets) mTable A table that can be designed on a cellphone. It touches the interface between the customer and the architect. (Interaction design!) You set points on the table surface to make depressions that are milled out at their workshop. It is sent to server as a short code. (Who will actually buy a customized table through a cellphone? The feeling of the final table is not at all communicated). It is made so that the user actually can make the table useless, ie. with holes in the main surface. (Not perfect .. but they should get props for actually making this). The end result generates uncertainty with the customer who asks them G&K about what their thoughts of the table is. Interference Cube The Cube has an ornament that is generated by a code they have programmed. They have extracted a virtual 3d pattern using a boolean intersection with a cube that is milled on the insde of the cube. (I

Week 42: Storytelling - Lectures 2

Lecture by:Knut Sverre and Karl Petter Knutsen, Virtual garden Interaktiv film Going from passive viewing to active interaction on the internet. The user crave for participation. (Do they?). The history of IA Film goes back to ealry 1900 with show of hands to change the end of a movie. Thecnology has made interactive film possible today, but even as late as 2001 real interactivity in film was not possible (or not easy at least). Classic storytelling comapred to interactive storytelling. A training as a classic direcor has huge advantages when doing interactive projects, compared to non trained interactive producers. Then one have the knowledge to shape the story so it fits the message and the audience. And it's important to convey the story in a interesting and entertaining way so the users keep watching. To engage people the only valid and effective method is to use emotions. That point is exemplified by how religions are using effects (incence, warm light, music etc.) to make pe

Week 42: Storytelling - Lectures

Introduction by Baard Enoksen Teacher at NKF. Background in Film and TV. People wanting to work with storytelling are a diverse group (Movies, Advertisement, Motiongraphics ..). A way of using storytelling is to make people rembemeber routines. Just listing tasks on a sheet is a waste. The use of storytelling can put some drama and imagination into really boring stuff and make it easier to remeber. In learning history the use of RPG like games has been tried to let people live like "Samer" to learn the history and their traditional way of life. But the pitfall is the expectations the kids would have coming into the game with experience from games like "World of Warcraft". And the authenticity is important to keep so that the "Samene" can feel at home as well. The game is called Siida. As for storytelling it is a struggel to keep people in the story when people can do what they want to. It is solved buy using the facts form history and their way of life to

Nina Mellbye - presentasjon av arbeider Ny nettside med egne arbeider. Bygget for å vise arbeider, ikke webdesign. Horisonal rulle, nye arbeider til venstre, gamle mot høyre. Profil - forlagssentralen Brief - innhenting Research - konkurrenter - skille seg ut Finne historier i firmaet ("moodboards") Profil-Rikskonsertene Ideer til logo fra lydbølger, Initsialer, musikknøkler, men de ville ikke ha elementer fra denne type symboler.

Research in practice

Lecturer Synne Skjulstad - Intermedia (Medieviter fra UiO, Ph.D. i medievitenskap med fokus på webdesign.Worked on several intermedia projects.) How does research affect you as an interaction designer. Usability (Ref. Donald Norman "design of everyday things", Jacob Nielsen "Designing web-usability") The research domain is human computer interaction (HCI). A quote from J. Nielsen says there are two approachees to designing for web; Artstic expressionism and Engineering solutions. But i think this is a bit narrow minded. He believes the only good design is an easy way of doing useful tasks. Then, what is a useful task? The knowlege of when usability is the primary goal, and when it is not, is very imortant to have. Usability alone is limited in fully concieving of interaction design. Experience Giving the user an experience is as important as the actual usability of the design. But an important note is: What are providing the experience? How does the artifacts you de

Digital Narrative

Lecturer A. Morrison .. from Zimbabve to Hyper Text in 1992 .. He has worked on narratives for CD rom's with the inherit space restrictions with that media. The selection of narrative pieces is very important when having severe space restrictions and still be able to tell the story that are being told. The viewpoint of the storyteller is hugely influetial on how the story is recieved. His main interest is in fiction. He even wrights fiction. But along came a program called "Story Space". A tool to link blocks of text together and move text around. It also had sorytelling functions like you have to read something to reveal some other aspect of the story. In the 90's the term "hyper fiction" was coined. ("Afternoon" 1992 is the most famous) ( B.S.Johnson did it in the 50's) How do you engage people to stay in your fictional story? He made a story that the reader had to connect. The fictional character asks the reader to resolve his case. So ment