Master thesis: New Monuments

a presentation of the diploma by Marianne Askheim

Exploring new ways to interpret Monuments into a modern tradition. (Interesting subject, but it seems like she was a bit distracted by the formalities in writing a diploma/master thesis.)

She has written a very detailed theoretical paper on the subject. A thorough research into what monuments are and how people and society interacts with monuments.

She says she used too much time on the theoretical part of the paper, resulting in too little time on the interaction prototypes describing new monuments.

Notes: Using HTML as language to write the resulting paper seems a bit unnecessary and resulted in a text based digital presentation, witch she says was a problem.

Case; Humanisten Fritjof Nansen:
Nr. 1 challenge, the huge theoretical work made the ambitions for the case maybe too big. Then the problem was how to communicate the values too the responder/user of the monument.
The concept is a monument at Oslo City Hall that resemble a field of grain. The field is seeded with text messages from users, and when the message is sent the individual strain grows on the field at the location of the monument.

Conclution: It's hard to work with all new subjects in a master paper. So maybe the ideal thing is to explore themes and methods that builds on what you have done earlier. Limit the scope and think visually!


  1. I'll just have to add a note to self:

    Why did I not read this again before I started my master. The last paragraph could have saved me a lot of trouble!


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