Gunnar Garfors on Mobile Media

Director, mobile development, NRK

The battle order at NRK is TV, Radio, Web, Mobile, Teletext. At least that's how it was. Proper Internet service started 2000-2001. So NRK has a bit of catching up to do. But on mobile devices NRK started even before the first wap platform and therefor has a top 3 status in Norway on mobile devices.

BBC was traditionally the biggest service provider online. In half a year Youtube sped past BBC and doubled or tripled BBC's size. Watching viewing patterns is an important thing to keep an eye on to check if changes in the service reaches the target group.

The term "user generated content" is a bad term on what's going on. Usually people publish pre-generated stuff from television. How to get the content people ask for/want?

Several projects on NRK focus on publishing genuine content from users (user created).

Old shows in new wrapping, "Bit for Bit" f.eks. The local elections 2007 online was a huge success (why did i not know about that?). "Kodenavn hunter" is online, it's a succsess with server crashing load and the effect on the show sent on TV was more viewers.

A first for NRK, is a mobile TV with personalized commercials. This platform is also good for delivering equal content to all, but also distributing local content based on locations or personal preferences.

Rubenmanns videoblog eventually reached 77% of all Norwegians with only 10 episodes produced for mobile only. NRK's Mobile portal visits increased by a factor of 10 during this show.

Heinrich Stammler - on P3TV - "Halvseint". Enormous international success. Singles are on the way to several countries. Nudity was a problem so now you have to log in to youtube to view the uncensored video.

Content for NRK is extremely important. Everything should be easy to use, and helpers is a bad thing. Great applications or services are the thing, but if they are hard to use, they have failed. "Enkelt, ganske enkelt.! - portal - news front end - weather front end - games front end

All content is available through the frontpage, but that might be to unfocused (too long way to the content)?

Why is not the first choice online? How to get more users?

Social networks - Some shows have their own profile on sites like "second life" and "Facebook".

Is there a master thesis possibility at NRK? Or other opportunities? Yes and yes. If you have an idea just ask. Through Jonathan or directly to Gunnar.

Making content on festivals for the internet has promted making their own equipment that is a lot cheaper, but delivering the same quality as huge buses with multimillion dollar equipment. This has the tricled upstream and impressed the more highend television productions.


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