Drew Hemmet @ Urban Interface | Oslo

Drew Hemmet talks about his projects in "locative arts/media", some very cool projects! The most interesting in my view is Loca: Set to discoverable. With bluetooth and wi-fi there is networks independent of the big telecom companies that has yet to be used to it's full potential. "Loca" explores possibilities within the bluetooth protocol which is quite open for interesting communication.

Drew Hemmet also runs a festival called futuresonic.

He mention it himself, that he is not an artist, but still he uses that term. I think that is misleading and that it confuses people. Many of theese projects are very cool research projects but they are mystified and risk being not taken seriously if the always sticks the "art" sticker on them. But thats my view.

Free media is all around us, from bluetooth devices to wireless (2,4 ghz) surveillance feeds. This is a source that can be explored and used more. Michelle Teran had some nice thoughts and research into this (i need to buy a 2,4 Ghz scanner).


  1. mesh network, wi-fi, bluetooth, CB radio, HAM radio, all join together, free alltime, everywhere


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