Making a Game in

In a team effort with Fan Fan and Natacha the latest assignment is to make a game using It will be a challenge, for sure, but i'm looking forward to see the result.

We need a lot of ideas to start with, so we can choose the best to develop into the final game. So my thoughts on what to do is as follows:

I've got three words that i'd like to describe the final game with:
  1. Engaging
  2. Speedy
  3. Colourful
I have an inspirational favorite (Never tried it, but it looks fantastic):

One game could be about motor-/coordination skills , where you can train yourself into a rythm so that one can master operations that look impossible from the outset, like DDR or similar games. The interface needs to be simple.

Another game could be more a twist on existing 3D racing games. But instead of going for realism, the enviroment and physics should be more abstract or surreal. A lot of the games out there does not embrace the possibilities of the more fantastic enviroments you could make in a computer game, like in LocoRoco.



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