The Climate Change story in one image

The online climate change debate is an exhausting place to navigate: From doomsday-preppers to conservative-ostriches all fighting for a few seconds of attention. Here is my contribution to global warming today:

The climate change story in one image

In this post I thought I'd just look at the power of data visualisation in telling the story about global warming, or trying to obfuscate that story with exactly the same data. I made the above chart using the same dataset as the below chart which is a visualisation of global temperature data often linked to by skeptics. These charts are created from the exact same published data set called UAH LT v6 (See bottom of post for additional details).

In the context of the climate change skeptic viewpoint I have often seen this chart used to flag that 2016 is within statistical margin of error no warmer than 1998 and that December 2016 was cold and thus "There is no warming trend!"

While the chart shows the published data it uses at …

Deconstructed Piano - Or demolition by heat guns

A sort of sadistic deconstruction of a Piano. The patterns that are revealed while scorching the wood would be fantastic for an additional close up study!

Exploring Quora

Lately I've found myself using Quora more and more ( Looks like an interesting place to be both to scratch professional itches as well as learn of interesting topics from knowledgeable people. It would be an even better place if we could get more traction from outside of the US. Picture not related.

Download 60 fps cloud time-lapse (1080p60)

Trying out some time-lapse recording again: This clip was recorded on a Canon Legria HF200 (i.e. nothing fancy) and processed in After Effects CC 2015. The raw material was quite noisy, even for a bright summer day, but the de-graining in AFX wasn't too shabby.

Download the clip here

Spectacular clouds over Oslo today


Are flexible solar panels finally catching up?

A few years ago I documented a DIY project where I created self charging batteries using flexible solar panels. However, the batteries where just an experiment in evidencing; the art of make believe in realising new product concepts and evaluate said concept concept before any actual work is done. This experiment was part of my master thesis on how consumers could be encouraged to produce electricity in their own homes.

One of the key components missing at the time to make those batteries more than a mirage, where the lack of proper flexible solar panels. For some time there has been "bendable" panels available, but those where still attached to quite thick substrate.

Now I find that researchers at +Stanford Engineering  has developed a method to peel off the thin film Photo Voltaic (PV) cells from its substrate and transfer them onto various objects, even those with curved surfaces. Their method includes soaking the panels in hot water to loosen the cells from the original…