18. januar 2008

A simple RFID interface (Task 02)

What kind of RFID interface can we make?

We brainstormed in the group (Gudmund og Ingrid) resulting in this list of possible interfaces:

- change of tunes and modulating them.

Childs play
-React to images on the screen and put the required item on the reader as fast as possible.
-IQ test
-Reaction test
-Couple images or movies with the right physical item.

Coffe cup
-Payment and filling in one operation based on the identity of the cup

Cat door
- Opens on proximity
- Releases food

- Sampler, tags represent notes, tones and beats. Add them to the mix to make a tune.

- Access control

What do we use identification for?

Ticket wending
-Buy tickets from posters in the street.

Art show
-Tag images that can be read by viewers

Paper w RFID
-Transfer information from paper to screen

-RFID i bakken as tracking points for moving vehicles

- Mixing colours by adding different colours

-Cube with RFID tags on the sides that control a virtual cubes movement. Tip the real cube over and the virtual cube moves.

-Spåen består av separate tags som kan legges på leseren for å få et resultat."

- Tunes the the light in the house to the time you arrive.

- Turns lights on or off based on light tokens placed on the reader.

Tutor tips:
We should value continious operation of the program, not only the initial RFID tag.
Try to make an interface with immidiate and rewarding response. Avoid the obvoius mapping of information.

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  1. Great list, guys! You've given the rest of us a hard time coming up with something that's not already on it! :)